The initial idea and work on the development of MCF data center started in 2015. MCF Group Estonia OÜ was established in 2016 along with the selection of the investors for the project.

Currently there are 14 private investors from Estonia and Finland involved that have been hand picked based on their competence, skill and portfolio.

Our aim is to build the best quality data center possible in our region in terms of security, reliability, connectivity and potential for growth. We have acquired enough free land for future expansion, multitude of fiber optic connectivity and reserved power capacity for more than 25MW if necessary. The founders of the company have experience in the telecommunication sector for more than 20 years.

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MCF data center provides a reliable base for growth of IT & telecommunication companies in public and private sector through sustainable planning. Our scalable and energy efficient data center concept will serve as a growth platform for all IT hardware and ensures the best conditions for that. MCF data center will take care of all life support services for the hardware starting from security, climate control, power distribution and fire suppression systems. But we are not only limited to that, we also want to take care of the simple things. For example keep the IT engineers happy during their stay at MCF data center by helping them with essentials - be it food or a nice place to take a rest. We have given much thought of all aspects.


The team of MCF Group consists of dedicated experts in telecommunication, data center, optical networking, finance, energy and real estate sectors. By combining such expertise we can deliver the best value for our customers.


The mission of MCF Group is to be environmentally friendly. By combining renewable energy and utilizing data center waste heat in agricultural or district heating purposes we aim to keep as low carbon footprint as possible. We use the latest technology for cooling systems to keep the PUE - power usage effectiveness as low as industry standards can provide (PUE < 1,2).


MCF data center modular design allows to serve clients both from public and private sector. We can provide a broad range of options starting from single rack based solution up to full customized private room configurations. Our logic is to be flexible and provide solutions specific for each client.

We want to exclude all the risks that interfere with other data centers currently operating in Estonia. Find out how!

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