Largest Data Center in Baltic States to Speed Up Construction due to Emergency Situation

According to Kert Evert, CEO of MCF, the company building the 100-million- euro data center in Saue Municipality, they are launching tenders for the special parts three months earlier than originally planned in order to start providing support for critical e-services as soon as possible.


Kert Evert explained that the construction of the data center was in full swing and progressing as planned. „Both the prime contractor Merko and international manufacturers of technological parts have given assurances about continued supply of the required materials,” Evert maintained.


„At present there is a high demand for well-functioning e-services in Estonia and across the globe. According to the original construction schedule we had planned to organise the tenders for large technological equipment, like generators, power and cooling systems, this summer. However, we decided to move ahead and start the whole process right now, so as to get the equipment delivered sooner and the data center up and running as fast as possible,” Evert added.


„We are living in challenging times, but Estonia can use these times to make another tiger’s leap in e-services and also export our services. The data center serves as a foundation for e-services and we must make sure that both the e-state and private sector e-services continue functioning in a situation when the load has skyrocketed. The world will never be the same again when it comes to the demand for and use of e-services,” Evert said.


The largest data centre in the Baltic States is to be built in three phases. The first 30-million-euro phase will constitute a three-storey building of 14,000 square metres of floor space, which will be ready in the first quarter of 2021. Another two extensions of similar size are planned for the location in Saue. The first building will accommodate up to 1,100 data cabinets with 45,000 servers. Altogether the data center is designed for 3,300 data cabinets with 135,000 servers.

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